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Ohio Sovereignty Amendment

The American people are quickly reaching the limits of their endurance for governmental encroachment upon their rights and liberties. They are seeking an end to the barrage of federal legislation and mandates currently being forced upon them that will effectively place them and their posterity into perpetual financial servitude and surrender the sovereignty of our country to foreign powers.

No one has proposed or initiated a viable solution to these problems … until now.

We, the people, hold the power to control our state governments, who in turn have the power to control federal government. It is now time to stop shirking our civic responsibilities. By exercising our sovereign power over state government, we the people can thereby reclaim the power to demand that federal government comply with the federal Constitution and refrain from further encroachments upon the people and the states.

To put such a plan into action and restore the fundamental principles of good government, we are proposing a Sovereignty Amendment to the Ohio Constitution.

Find out how you can help support this historic and precedent-setting event.

[signed] - The Committee   - PCCOH
Sovereignty - The absolute and supreme power and authority to exercise and enforce one's will.  In government, it is the independent authority of the state to act on behalf of its own people.  For the individual, it is the right of conscience, the right of self-determination, and the freedom to live without undue interference.  In our American system of government, the people, collectively, are the ultimate sovereign over the states, and the states are sovereign over the federal government.  Therefore, the federal government serves the states, and the states serve the people.
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In August 2009, we launched the OHIO SOVEREIGNTY AMENDMENT project in an attempt to introduce a solution to restore governmental compliance with and accountability to our state and federal constitutions.  In doing so, we were attempting to help people understand how to execute a strategy, founded in law, for making government servants accountable to the American people.  Much effort was put into this project by many good people all over Ohio, but the community as a whole wasn’t quite ready for such a proactive solution.  While a few grasped the potential that the success of this project could achieve, most were confused because they simply did not understand how our system of government is supposed to work.  Many still possessed a “blind faith” in the system, failing to fully grasp the urgency of the situation.

This project, even though it did not reach the ballot, can still be measured as a success.  It opened the eyes of many people and provided some insight for some other similar, yet less aggressive, projects.  We have witnessed several other projects around the country that reflect many of the ideas proposed by this amendment.   Little by little, the people are starting to wake up to the abuses perpetrated in the name of government by bad people in government.

Though this particular project is currently dormant, we continue to leave this website online for people to review and educate themselves as an example for future projects.  As proactive as the OHIO SOVEREIGNTY AMENDMENT is (as compared to most projects of this nature), we, the PCCOH Committee, have come to the realization that it is entirely insufficient for its intended purposes.  Our state and federal constitutions are great instruments for the establishment of good government.   But, as our founding fathers clearly understood and stated, they were designed only for a moral people, meaning that they lack the language necessary for governmental constraint — the government was supposed to be self–regulating by men and women of moral character with the best interests of the people foremost on their minds while in the exercise of their official duties.   Today, this just isn’t so.  And therefore, these constitutions lack sufficient substance for preventing corruption from infiltrating these most dutiful positions in society.

A new system is now needed.  Our constitutions were a grand leap forward over previous systems.  Another leap is now required which can address the problems that have evolved over the past couple of centuries.  Yes, it would be a very bold move.  Such a move would directly challenge the status quo and upset, for a time, the delicate balance of manipulations within the current system.   But, if the people of this planet are to ever enjoy true peace and tranquility, a new system based on universal principles and limited authorities must be formulated and put into action.  This is a far bigger project than what we set out to do.  Nevertheless, we are convinced that this is what’s required.

The magical question is, “Who will do it?”

-- The Committee

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